Each of us produces waste. It is essential to know how to sort them correctly to recover materials and recycle them endlessly.
With Everloop® the PAPREC group has created a product brand that will guide the consumer in his approach.

A label for 100% recycled plastic packaging

Everloop® is a label that was created in 2022 by PAPREC, France’s recycling leader, to make it easier to identify and showcase plastic packaging made solely from recycled plastic, which means it is 100% part of the circular economy, thus significantly reducing our environmental impact and preserving resources and our planet.

Where does Everloop® come from?

To recycle and make it easy to identify plastic packaging made solely from recycled plastic, meaning it is part of a fully circular process and significantly reduces our impact on the environment.
For example when a bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic, that means that no virgin plastic has been used. This reduces its carbon footprint by 50%, and the use of rPET conserves resources and saves energy. At PAPREC we have developed advanced technologies to improve the recovery and recycling of all plastics a little more every day.

Where is Everloop® going?

We want to quickly expand the use and recycling of eco-friendly and eco-responsible (100% recycled) plastic all around the world in order to protect our planet and resources.

By becoming an essential reference for consumers and a major asset for carriers, among others.

At everloop® we think
progress is a collective adventure !

Our two big commitments

  • We are actively committed to recycle packaging
  • We guarantee and promote the circular economy
  • We make it easier to recycle this packaging
  • We raise consumer’s awareness of the importance of sorting packaging properly, and we help them to do it
  • We support the sectors set up by public and private operations for recycling so that we can guarantee that packaging will really be recycled and reused
  • We help preserve natural resources and the environment
  • We demonstrate open-mindedness and respect
  • We are continually on the look-out for more ways to speed up the transition to a more sensible economy
  • To relentlessly seek new solutions and services
  • To extend the limits of recycling
  • New tools, data, artificial intelligence: Everloop’s world moves forward with a view to increasing the reuse rate of labelled packages
  • Our transition to a circular economy will speed up thanks to new alliances, greater technological expertise and the development of innovative solutions

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